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How to Take Revenge on Your Landlord

Is you landlord mean and greedy? You can’t stand him/her any more, can you? You want to get it back on him for not paying attention of your complaints, or for not returning your rental deposit back? Read on to learn how to take a proper revenge on him/her!

Some landlords are very ignorant and greedy. They don’t pay attention of your complaints, they don’t better your living conditions, but they always want more money. What is worse, when you decide to leave the property, they threaten that they won’t return your safety deposit. Such people deserve to be punished. In my experience as a tenancy cleaning London specialist I have encountered numerous tenants’ avenges, and today I’m going to share with you three of them. Here they are:

A woman in Croydon had been complaining to her landlord of a leak from the ceiling in her bathroom for months. He, of course, hadn’t done anything because it had been easier and cheaper. When the woman had said she was leaving, the landlord had threatened her with not returning her safety deposit, which is quite unfair. So, the woman had saturated a sponge with urine and rubbed it in the spot where the leak was. She had called the Health Protection Agency afterwards and had told them about the leak and about her landlord’s ignorance. In the end, I was called to clean the place, the landlord had to return the woman’s safety deposit and her last rental payment, and he had to make a major restoration of the bathroom if he wanted to rent the place again. It cost him more than he could ever imagine.

Once I was called to clean a property with a terrible stench in it. We deodorised the place several times, but the odour was still there. The tenant had called another end of tenancy cleaning company to clean the property before he had left, but his landlord hadn’t returned his safety deposit. This probably made him very mad, because there were several shrimps hidden in several different places in the property. You can’t imagine how terrible the smell of staled shrimps was. I can still sense it. In the end we found the sources of the stench, removed them and deodorised again. This cost the landlord about three or four charges for deodorising, but he deserved it.

Another case in which I had to deal with a stench – I was tenancy cleaning a flat in Clapham. I cleaned and deodorised everything, but when we finished, there was this smell of a dead animal. I started looking for the source of the odour, and to tell you the truth it took me about an hour to find it, as the tenant had hidden it under the fridge. It was a dead rat. We had to clean all pieces of upholstery furniture and to deodorise the place again, as the stench had soaked into everything. The landlord was double charged and had to buy a new fridge. I didn’t get the reason for this revenge, though.

So, dear landlords, I recommend that you be kind to your tenants and pay attention to their requests. Don’t threaten them either.

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